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About Us

We have been inspiring young minds for almost 50 years. Kidkraft is now on a mission to encourage imaginative play for children everywhere. We want kids to live, learn, play and explore.

We are a global business that supplies toys to more than 28,000 retailers in over 90 countries worldwide. At Kidkraft we create and design award-winning dollhouses, play kitchens, and activity sets. In 2016, we expanded our range beyond the playroom with the Backyard® and Cedar Summit® outdoor toys. We now have even more ways to encourage kids to explore the world around them. 

Our product catalogue will keep on growing while keeping to the ideals that have helped make Kidkraft a success – innovative design and quality products. Whilst we have been doing this for a while, we will continue to deliver our mission. We design products for kids MADE FOR MAKE BELIEVE™, because we think that the more kids imagine, the more they grow.


Responsibility, safety and honesty are the key areas of what makes up our company. Responsibility is, and always has been, our commitment to you and your children as our business relies on earning your trust through the safety of our products and honesty of our company.

Each and every product is safety- inspected by approved labs as well as by our Dallas teams. Each product part is continually reviewed from design through to selling. This is to ensure they meet the strictest requirements in the industry, because safety is the guiding concept in our design process.

As a company, we respect human rights. Therefore, we require full knowledge of what happens along our supply chain. Our global teams work closely with our partners to ensure ethical sourcing and good employment practices. We look for business partners who share in our commitment to improve wage levels around the world.

We are always working to improve our products, safety and honesty.